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One Concussion Can Lead to a Changed Brain- Be Sure Any TBI is Fully Evaluated in Your Injury Case

Even one concussion can lead to long-term structural damage to the brain and long-term negative health effects.  A recently reported new study points to the long-term consequences of concussion.  As lawyers focused on brain injury, we have long been aware that concussions can lead to long-term problems.  And the knowledge that repetitive concussions can cause …

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Injuries in Semi-Truck Collisions Can Be Uniquely Devastating

The devastation caused by large trucks involved in collisions is horrendous. When not operated or maintained properly, 18-wheelers, semis and tractor trailers can cause catastrophic injuries and death. If you or someone you love is the victim of a truck accident,Holzer Edwards, Chartered can provide you experienced guidance and representation.. In semi truck cases more …

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Children and Car Accidents Can Be a Sad Combination

Our firm deals with cases involving children injured in collisions with unfortunate frequency.  It is shocking to look at the data to see how many collisions change the lives of children and their families. For example, the number one cause of death for American teenagers is car accidents.   The statistics show that eight teenagers die …

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Tips For Deposition Witnesses In Injury Cases

If your injury claim cannot be settled and a lawsuit is filed there are a number of steps in the litigation process.  But one of the watershed days in every case occurs when the injured person has her deposition taken.  Both settlement negotiations and any eventual trial may result in disaster unless that deposition goes …

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Idaho Car Accident? Top 10 Things To Do (plus a Bonus)

You can protect yourself and your family by following this advice if you are unfortunate enough to end up in a car accident. 1. Don’t Leave the Scene Unless you have injuries that call for emergency transport to the hospital don’t leave the scene of an injury accident.  Not surprisingly, if you leave the scene …

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Getting Your Car Fixed After an Idaho Collision

People who have been in a collision and have a damaged car  have an issue that they want to deal with right now.   The loss of a car can impact every part of our every day lives. Sometimes the car is damaged but drivable and sometimes damaged beyond repair becoming a total loss. The …

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Motorcycles, Motorcyclists, Injuries, Brain Injury and Mature Idaho Bikers

As all of us who ride know, while it may be hidden beneath our shades and helmets, but many of us out on the roads these days have some gray hairs, wrinkles and “experience”.   It is unfortunate but true that car and truck drivers continue to disregard the right of way for motorcycle riders, and …

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A Dozen Things You Should Know When Dealing With Injuries From a Car Wreck In Boise and Across Idaho

People dealing with injuries caused by others often make mistakes that cost them money  because they don’t understand the liability injury world and the perspective that insurance companies bring to it.  Here, is a brief checklist of things you should know to protect yourself and make sure your claim is treated fairly. 1. Get medical …

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