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Nov 15

Herniated Discs and Car Accidents: Get a Good Lawyer

Car collisions can cause serious injuries to people’s backs and spines.  One of the injuries we see with regularity is a herniated disc.  The Basics of a Disc Herniation To understand the injury first there is the basic anatomy of the spine.  It is composed of 24 bones called vertebrae separated by the soft cartilage …

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Oct 14

Dealing with “Pre-Existing” Injuries in an Injury Claim in Idaho

If you have ever had any complaints of pain or prior injuries in the part of your body that is injured in a car wreck be ready for watch out for insurance company manipulation.    Insurance companies try to use the excuse of a pre-existing injury to avoid responsibility for providing compensation to injured people.  …

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Aug 13

What Happens When Your Spouse Injures You in A Car Accident?

Family relationships can make pursuing a valid injury claim emotionally more difficult. Idaho has special rules that protect the family relationships as well as an injured person’s right to compensation.

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Jun 27

Boating Injury? We Can Often Help

Injury accidents occur with surprising frequency to people boating on lakes and rivers throughout Idaho.   Whether it’s a ski boat, a house boat a jet ski or a jet boat, over the years we have seen operators of such craft do many things that caused unnecessary harm and injuries. We have even seen an experienced …

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Jun 11

What Is It That Injury Lawyers Do Anyway?

It is fair to wonder what it is that personal injury attorneys do.For good attorneys, the answer is we get cases ready for trial. That does not mean your case is going to trial, just that it will be ready to go. The difference between a good personal injury attorney and one who is just a …

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May 23

Wrongful Death Claims In Idaho

When a person is killed because of another person’s neglect or a company’s recklessness, Idaho law allows a lawsuit to be brought for wrongful death. Until Idaho Code section 5-311 was passed, a negligent person had no responsibility if they caused an injury so severe it led to a death.  That statute now allows a person’s …

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May 07

Children’s Personal Injury Claims and The Minor’s Compromise: Special Problems and Special Protections

If your child is injured in a car crash, while in the care of another person, or while  participating in an activity, you may need to address your child’s personal injury claim.  These types of events are both unexpected and stressful.   In most cases involving injury to a child, hiring an experienced Idaho personal injury …

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Apr 02

One Concussion Can Lead to a Changed Brain- Be Sure Any TBI is Fully Evaluated in Your Injury Case

Even one concussion can lead to long-term structural damage to the brain and long-term negative health effects.  A recently reported new study points to the long-term consequences of concussion.  As lawyers focused on brain injury, we have long been aware that concussions can lead to long-term problems.  And the knowledge that repetitive concussions can cause …

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