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Don’t Let Your Motorcycle Season Start Off with a Crash

On May 17, Idaho State Police had to investigate a crash at the intersection on  Highway 50, just outside of Hansen.  Christopher Park was driving west on  Highway 50 on his motorcycle -a 2011 Honda. Adrian Hurtado was southbound on 3800 North in his new pickup.  Hurtado didn’t yield to Park, as he was supposed …

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Motorcycle Season and Distracted Driving

As the warm Spring weather is approaching and days are getting longer, motorcyclists are gearing up to again hit the open road. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get when riding a motorcycle.   With this freedom, though, comes great responsibility for yourself and other drivers. That free range ride can quickly turn disastrous …

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Spring is Motorcycle Season: Be Safe Out There

Warmer weather means more motorcycles are sharing the roads.  It also means both motorists and motorcycle riders need to take extra care to avoid accidents.  Be on the lookout for motorcycles.   For young riders, being smart and in control remains the key to safety.  Avoiding tragedies like the 20 year old who recently died in …

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The Types of Injury Cases We Handle

Personal injury claims arise in a wide variety of settings.  We focus on situations where clients have endured severe, life-altering impacts from an injury.  For example, people with traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) or spinal cord injuries deserve some of the best injury attorneys in Idaho  making sure the claim resolves with maximum compensation for real …

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Motorcycles, Motorcyclists, Injuries, Brain Injury and Mature Idaho Bikers

As all of us who ride know, while it may be hidden beneath our shades and helmets, but many of us out on the roads these days have some gray hairs, wrinkles and “experience”.   It is unfortunate but true that car and truck drivers continue to disregard the right of way for motorcycle riders, and …

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