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The Value Of a Personal Injury Claim: Many Intangibles Matter

There are many variables that impact the value of any personal injury claim.  The reality is that it is not possible for a good personal injury attorney to provide you reliable information on what your case is worth early on in the case process. And good Idaho personal injury lawyers do not pretend they can.  …

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Evidence- The Key To Full Compensation For Your Losses From An Injury In Idaho

Obtaining fair compensation for losses imposed on you by a negligent person is not often an easy thing to accomplish.  Defendants in personal injury claims have financial and other reasons to fight back against a plaintiffs’  claims.   The insurance company certainly wants to avoid paying for your losses if it can.  There is also a …

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Does The Bad Guy’s Insurance Company Get to See All Your Medical Records

One of the questions we often deal with arises when we gather medical records of a client from BEFORE the injury collision.   To understand why we do that, you have to understand the law and the injury claims process If an injured person claims  he was injured through the fault of another, the law allows …

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