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Reasons Why an Insurance Company Might Deny Your Claim After a Car Accident

After an auto accident, most people want to get the claim processed as quickly as possible so they can move on with their lives. Unfortunately, claims are denied for many, sometimes questionable, reasons. Issues Regarding Liability Issues related to legal liability are often why a claim is denied.  If you’re filing a claim against another …

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Herniated Discs and Car Accidents: Get a Good Lawyer

Car collisions can cause serious injuries to people’s backs and spines.  One of the injuries we see with regularity is a herniated disc.  The Basics of a Disc Herniation To understand the injury first there is the basic anatomy of the spine.  It is composed of 24 bones called vertebrae separated by the soft cartilage …

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Pre-Exisiting Conditions and Prior Injuries Can Impact the Value of Your Personal Injury Claim.

One thing that always makes claims in personal injury lawsuits more difficult is when a person has a pre-existing injury.   If you had a prior injury or documented medical care for the same area of your body, the lawyer for the bad guy will likely assert that your condition was not caused by the auto …

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Children and Car Accidents Can Be a Sad Combination

Our firm deals with cases involving children injured in collisions with unfortunate frequency.  It is shocking to look at the data to see how many collisions change the lives of children and their families. For example, the number one cause of death for American teenagers is car accidents.   The statistics show that eight teenagers die …

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Dog Bites & Idaho Law

Some kids love dogs and some are scared of them.  As a lawyer I have seen many dog bite cases involving kids.  Helping  a child avoid a bite incident is the best thing, but animal owners can be held responsible for their negligence in how they keep and control a dog when it causes injury …

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Insurance Medical Examinations in Idaho Injury Litigation — Protect Yourself From An Unscrupulous IME Examiner

When you are a plaintiff in an injury lawsuit, the rules controlling the process often allow the  “defendant” to have a medical professional of their choice examine you.  This is a time when the worlds of law and medicine collide. We have found that clients are often surprised when such an examination is demanded.   This …

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What You Should Expect From Your Idaho Injury Attorney –

One thing that has regularly surprised me over my years in practice is how often I will get a call from another lawyer’s client who either can’t communicate with his lawyer,  is not trusting his lawyer’s advice or has a complaint about the outcome of the fee arrangement they entered.  What surprises me even more …

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Evidence- The Key To Full Compensation For Your Losses From An Injury In Idaho

Obtaining fair compensation for losses imposed on you by a negligent person is not often an easy thing to accomplish.  Defendants in personal injury claims have financial and other reasons to fight back against a plaintiffs’  claims.   The insurance company certainly wants to avoid paying for your losses if it can.  There is also a …

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