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Oct 12

Your Injury Lawsuit: An Outline of the Litigation Process

If your case cannot be resolved through negotiation without a lawsuit, the litigation process is the next step in recovering for the harms and losses that have been imposed upon you. Claims do not resolve without a lawsuit for a variety of reasons such as the parties disagreeing on the severity of a person’s injury, …

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Jan 15

Social Media , Electronic Communication & Your Personal Injury Case

Electronic communication and social networking tools like e-mails, texts, Facebook posts, Tweets, and Instagrams are an integral part of modern life. We have talked about  Facebook before, but in all instances if you have a legal claim be sure that these modern communication tools are not used against you. When you bring a personal injury …

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Jul 17

Insurance Company Fine Print Can Hurt: Be Sure You Are Actually Protected by Your Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance is not as fun as a trip to the mall, but it poses more risks.  The companies work hard to limit what they pay out in benefits.  It is important that you read your policy carefully in order to understand what is covered. Insurance companies are famous for having legal loopholes that …

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Sep 03

What is My Injury Claim Worth? Understanding “Quality of Life” or Non-Economic Damages

A person  injured by another’s negligence has the right to recover both the economic losses (lost earnings, medical bills etc.) and “non-economic damages” under Idaho law.  We have discussed these issues and some of the complexities involved in some earlier posts like this one about lost income and this one about medical bills.  Although there …

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Aug 13

What Happens When Your Spouse Injures You in A Car Accident?

Family relationships can make pursuing a valid injury claim emotionally more difficult. Idaho has special rules that protect the family relationships as well as an injured person’s right to compensation.

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Jun 11

What Is It That Injury Lawyers Do Anyway?

It is fair to wonder what it is that personal injury attorneys do.For good attorneys, the answer is we get cases ready for trial. That does not mean your case is going to trial, just that it will be ready to go. The difference between a good personal injury attorney and one who is just a …

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Mar 26

Protect Yourself and Your Injury Claim With The Right Evidence

For any person to get fair compensation for losses incurred at the hands of another person can be difficult. Insurance companies and the defendants in negligence claims have many reasons to fight back against a plaintiffs’  claims. Not the least of which are financial incentives.  They want to get out of paying for your losses …

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Dec 03

Juries Are Part of What Makes America Great

Using juries to decide conflicts is a practice that began in ancient Greece.  In their version, juries consisted of hundreds of citizens called upon to decide the facts of the cases presented.  The Magna Carta enshrined the jury as a fundamental right of an English citizen in 1215.  It established and secured the right to …

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