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Dec 03

Juries Are Part of What Makes America Great

Using juries to decide conflicts is a practice that began in ancient Greece.  In their version, juries consisted of hundreds of citizens called upon to decide the facts of the cases presented.  The Magna Carta enshrined the jury as a fundamental right of an English citizen in 1215.  It established and secured the right to …

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May 25

The Good Guys Win Another One-Idaho Supreme Court Affirms Jury Verdict in Case Tried by Holzer Edwards

The case is reported at Phillips v. Erhart,. 151 Idaho 100,  254 P.3d 1, 10 (2011) IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO Docket No. 36801 JAMES M. PHILLIPS and GALE PHILLIPS, Plaintiffs-Respondents, v. MILT E. ERHART and MARY C. ERHART, Defendants-Appellants. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )) Boise, May …

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Mar 08

The Jury Trial: The Seventh Amendment and Idaho’s Constitution Protect Your Rights

The Constitution of the United States often comes under attack from various directions.   Like when special interests try to limit our Second Amendment right to bear arms or our First Amendment freedoms of religion and press.  These days, however, the most frequently attacked Constitutional right is the Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury.                                          …

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