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Jul 17

Insurance Company Fine Print Can Hurt: Be Sure You Are Actually Protected by Your Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance is not as fun as a trip to the mall, but it poses more risks.  The companies work hard to limit what they pay out in benefits.  It is important that you read your policy carefully in order to understand what is covered. Insurance companies are famous for having legal loopholes that …

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May 14

Reasons Why an Insurance Company Might Deny Your Claim After a Car Accident

After an auto accident, most people want to get the claim processed as quickly as possible so they can move on with their lives. Unfortunately, claims are denied for many, sometimes questionable, reasons. Issues Regarding Liability Issues related to legal liability are often why a claim is denied.  If you’re filing a claim against another …

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Jan 06

A Tip from Idaho’s Injury Lawyers: Maximize your Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

insurance policy

Uninsured (UM) and underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) are types of automobile insurance coverage you can buy to protect yourself and your loved ones.  This insurance coverage is provided by your insurance company as one part of your own auto policy. UM pays the compensation a negligent driver owes for your injuries if the driver does …

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Mar 13

Uninsured Drivers and You in Idaho Car Wrecks


It would seem like someone injuring you by causing a car accident would be the worst case scenario. But in a certain percentage of the time there is some salt added to the wound–the driver of the car that caused the collision didn’t have insurance. Now what?  Well if you bought the coverage for yourself …

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Nov 05

Punitive Damages Are Rarely Used and Have Proven Effective in Making a Better Society


A recent national study about Punitive Damages showed what most of us who practice law understand,  they are rare and they are effective.  Punitive damages are only allowed in limited situations.  For example, in Idaho, the law only allows punitive damages when a plaintiff can “prove, by clear and convincing evidence, oppressive, fraudulent, malicious or …

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Sep 15

Allstate Insurance Abuses People Plain and Simple

The Sarasota Hearald Tribune published and in-depth report on abuses of Allstate Insurance towards its insureds and claimants.  It is reproduced below Fundmentally, Allstate begain abusing customers in the 1990s and after it changed the way it handled claims, Allstate reported the largest profits of its 80-year history. It had a record profit of $4.9 …

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Jul 20

Understanding the Idaho Injury Claim Process-

For people who have never been through the injury claim process it can be confusing and daunting.   While every claim can have its own complexities, below is a simplified description, an overview if you will,  of what happens in the claim process if you have an Idaho accident or injury. When someone causes a collision …

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Jul 09

Forget the Adjuster’s BS: The Simple Truth Is That Injured People Are Better Off When Represented by a Lawyer-


The insurance adjuster for your car collision will never tell you that the insurance industry’s own research establishes that people who are represented by a personal injury attorney on average end up recovering  almost three and one-half times more than people who try to settle with the insurance company on their own.  And, because all …

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