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Start The Year Off With a Close Review of Your Auto Insurance

These cold winter days are a good time to give yourself a checkup on the auto insurance coverage you have. Do you have the right coverage that will protect you? Take a moment and imagine the 16 year-old -driver of a1990 Ford pickup sliding through a stop sign and t-boning your car.   You did nothing …

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Reasons Why an Insurance Company Might Deny Your Claim After a Car Accident

After an auto accident, most people want to get the claim processed as quickly as possible so they can move on with their lives. Unfortunately, claims are denied for many, sometimes questionable, reasons. Issues Regarding Liability Issues related to legal liability are often why a claim is denied.  If you’re filing a claim against another …

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Nine Tips On Protecting Your Claim And Getting Fair Compensation

There are a variety of things that you can do to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your losses in a claim.  Insurance companies and their lawyers have techniques they use to trip up ordinary people in the claims process.  Often these techniques rely on the fact that regular people act in regular …

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Video Surveillance Of Injury Claimants In Idaho: Big Brother IS Watching

There was a an R& B hit called Somebody’s Watching Me by a musician called Rockwell in the mid-1980s. It always comes to mind as I warn injured people that they need to be aware that the insurance companies will be snooping around their lives and even videotaping them at times.  Anyone needing to assert …

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CNN Reports on Abuse by Big Insurance Companies: Delay, Deny, Defend

Large insurance companies like Allstate and State Farm commonly use nasty tactics to avoid paying for lost wages, medical bills and other expenses that result from collisions.  As shown in this report, these companies routinely delay, deny and defend valid claims in an effort to increase profits.  This is why we are here to work …

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10 Things People Do That Reduce The Value of Their Injury Claim (Actually 34)

  We often talk with clients about a settlement offer they receive or the risks of trial versus the potential for proving their injury case.  After discussing this issue today with a client, I sat down and came up with a list of the things people do that cause insurance companies and juries to reduce …

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Idaho Car Accident? Top 10 Things To Do (plus a Bonus)

You can protect yourself and your family by following this advice if you are unfortunate enough to end up in a car accident. 1. Don’t Leave the Scene Unless you have injuries that call for emergency transport to the hospital don’t leave the scene of an injury accident.  Not surprisingly, if you leave the scene …

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National Group That Works To Take Away Idahoan’s Access to the Courts is In the Spotlight

As this Idaho State Journal Editorial discusses the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been a particularly influential organization in Idaho. This is bad for citizens and CIvil Justice. Below are some excerpts from a Thompson Reuters OpEd by Joanne Doroshow that discusses the anti-civil Justice goal’s of ALEC. There is a website called Alec …

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