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July 4 Drunk Driving: Stop The Killing

As you’re making plans for the upcoming holiday weekend, staying safe should be a top priority. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the Fourth of July has more fatal car crashes than any other day of the year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association reports that over the Fourth of July weekend forty …

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Some Surprising Safety Tips for Crashes Involving Power Lines

Crashes involving power poles are not common, but they can be extremely dangerous. In mid-May, the Idaho State Police were called to the scene of a vehicle crash in which a truck pulling a trailer struck a power pole. The impact knocked the pole across the eastbound and westbound lanes on U.S. 30, just west …

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Running a Red Light Isn’t Worth the Risk

Last week, Boise resident Elizabeth Montandon was arrested for driving under the influence after she was pulled over for running a red light. She became angry and kicked an officer in the leg during the arrest, leading to a charge of felony battery on an officer along with misdemeanor counts of DUI and resisting arrest. …

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Anger, Aggression and Road Rage Can Kill: Tips To Minimize Problems with Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving is a major factor in many needless vehicle accidents. Idaho Transportation Department statistics show aggressive driving contributed to at least 218 deaths on Idaho roads between 2010 and 2012. Another 1,840 people were seriously injured in aggressive-driver-involved vehicle crashes. Good drivers know that traffic conditions and other drivers’ behaviors are out of their control.  …

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Eight Tips For Safe Driving at Night

There is a good  and simple reason drivers are encouraged to be extra cautious during the nighttime hours–reduced visibility can increase the odds of an accident. A recent example showing this just happened on June 4. Shortly after 9:30 pm, the Idaho State Police were called to the scene of a one vehicle rollover crash …

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Your Medications Can Turn You Into a Dangerous Driver

Driving requires focus and attention to detail.  Anything that disrupts that attention can lead to an injury accident. Many people overlook the impact of medications on their driving ability.  Prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs each can negatively effect your ability to drive safely.  Not just tranquilizers, narcotic pain pills, and certain antidepressants are known to …

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Tips For Elderly Drivers to Deal With Challenges of the Road

Retired Boise Police Lt. Alan Cavener recently received a Top Cop honorable mention award from the National Association of Police Organizations. It was for his actions during an incident on Interstate 84. Cavener noticed a slow-moving vehicle driven by a confused elderly driver traveling eastbound in a westbound lane. Cavener got out of his car and …

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511 A Number to Help You Stay Safe on the Road

If you are traveling in an unfamiliar area or in bad weather conditions, 511 is the phone number to know for a useful tool to help you stay safe. The 511 service provides information about traveling condition on interstates, U.S. routes and state highways. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated 511 as the single travel …

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