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Dealing With Damages Caused by An Uninsured Driver

Idaho law requires all drivers to have insurance to cover accidents that are their fault. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the law. If you are in a car collision with one of those uninsured drivers, there are a few options open to you for recovering the losses. Use Uninsured Motorists Insurance You Bought We tell …

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What to do if You’re Involved in a Car Accident While Traveling 

If you are involved in a car accident while traveling away from home, you probably want to take certain steps to protect your legal rights. The most important thing to do after your car accident is to seek medical attention for any injuries. It’s understandable to want to return home as quickly as possible, but …

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What is My Injury Claim Worth? Understanding “Quality of Life” or Non-Economic Damages

A person  injured by another’s negligence has the right to recover both the economic losses (lost earnings, medical bills etc.) and “non-economic damages” under Idaho law.  We have discussed these issues and some of the complexities involved in some earlier posts like this one about lost income and this one about medical bills.  Although there …

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Understanding the Idaho Injury Claim Process-

For people who have never been through the injury claim process it can be confusing and daunting.   While every claim can have its own complexities, below is a simplified description, an overview if you will,  of what happens in the claim process if you have an Idaho accident or injury. When someone causes a collision …

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Giving A Recorded Statement to An Insurance Adjuster After Your Idaho Car Crash – Be Careful

If you are in a automobile accident in Idaho, you will quickly learn how insurance company adjusters will pressure you to give a recorded statement.  Often they just act like its the normal thing and the injured person who refuses is somehow a bad guy.  That’s just one of many techniques they use. The adjuster …

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What You Should Expect From Your Idaho Injury Attorney –

One thing that has regularly surprised me over my years in practice is how often I will get a call from another lawyer’s client who either can’t communicate with his lawyer,  is not trusting his lawyer’s advice or has a complaint about the outcome of the fee arrangement they entered.  What surprises me even more …

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Evidence- The Key To Full Compensation For Your Losses From An Injury In Idaho

Obtaining fair compensation for losses imposed on you by a negligent person is not often an easy thing to accomplish.  Defendants in personal injury claims have financial and other reasons to fight back against a plaintiffs’  claims.   The insurance company certainly wants to avoid paying for your losses if it can.  There is also a …

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Our Free Book Answers Many Questions

We wrote this book to answer your questions. Over the decades we have spent as personal injury attorneys, we learned injured people and clients kept coming to us with the same questions — questions about fault, their insurance claims and the risks and benefits of filing a lawsuit or settling their claim. This book is …

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