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Understanding Your Idaho “Slip and Fall” Injury Claim

One of the things we frequently spend time counseling potential clients about are so-called slip and fall cases.  I have spoken with people about fall injuries incurred at every big name retailer you can think of– Walmart, Albertsons, Shopko, Costco, Fred Meyer, etc- -as well as numerous small businesses and other locations   Slip and …

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Does The Bad Guy’s Insurance Company Get to See All Your Medical Records

One of the questions we often deal with arises when we gather medical records of a client from BEFORE the injury collision.   To understand why we do that, you have to understand the law and the injury claims process If an injured person claims  he was injured through the fault of another, the law allows …

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Using your Humanity Against You- Insurance Companies and the “Gap In Treatment”

A basic mistake that people make when they have been injured is to think they should treat their medical care like they always do. Which for most people means try to “tough it out.” Injured people don’t often understand that this makes the insurance company happy because they use it against you. Insurance companies deny …

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Don’t Facebook About Your Injury Claim

When you apply for a job, don’t you think the potential boss is going to “Google” you, read your blog posts,  check out your Facebook page, look at your MySpace page, and check your Tweets? These days people who meet often precede any dates with a bit of  “Googling”.  If your daughter starts dating a …

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