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Idaho Car Accident? Top 10 Things To Do (plus a Bonus)

You can protect yourself and your family by following this advice if you are unfortunate enough to end up in a car accident. 1. Don’t Leave the Scene Unless you have injuries that call for emergency transport to the hospital don’t leave the scene of an injury accident.  Not surprisingly, if you leave the scene …

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Personal Responsibility and the Role of Injury Law

When we talk with our clients, sometimes they exhibit a misunderstanding of the role of injury law in Idaho.  And sometimes this misunderstanding is even more pronounced when discussing the law with state legislators who are not trained in law.  But the reality is that there are three basic roles that injury law plays in …

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Suing the Government in Idaho: Tort Claims, Damage Limitations and More

Recovering damages from the government  for personal injuries caused to you presents special challenges. It is probably no surprise that there are special barriers to get over and “hoops to jump through”  before you are allowed to even file a lawsuit. Idaho law requires an injured person file a Notice of Tort Claim with the …

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Make Sure Your Insurance Company Pays Its Fair Share of Your Attorney Fees.

If your case is settled with the bad guy’s insurance company, (and most do settle without a trial) Idaho law gives you the right have your own insurance company share the cost of legal representation you obtained to help you.  Your own insurer usually has a claim of some sorts for amounts it paid on …

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Dog Bites & Idaho Law

Some kids love dogs and some are scared of them.  As a lawyer I have seen many dog bite cases involving kids.  Helping  a child avoid a bite incident is the best thing, but animal owners can be held responsible for their negligence in how they keep and control a dog when it causes injury …

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Kurt Holzer named Idaho Trial Lawyer of the Year

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Understanding the Idaho Injury Claim Process-

For people who have never been through the injury claim process it can be confusing and daunting.   While every claim can have its own complexities, below is a simplified description, an overview if you will,  of what happens in the claim process if you have an Idaho accident or injury. When someone causes a collision …

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The Good Guys Win Another One-Idaho Supreme Court Affirms Jury Verdict in Case Tried by Holzer Edwards

The case is reported at Phillips v. Erhart,. 151 Idaho 100,  254 P.3d 1, 10 (2011) IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO Docket No. 36801 JAMES M. PHILLIPS and GALE PHILLIPS, Plaintiffs-Respondents, v. MILT E. ERHART and MARY C. ERHART, Defendants-Appellants. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )) Boise, May …

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