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Oct 23

The Absurdity of Damage Caps Hit One of Their Own

Idaho, like many places, faced hard-fought battles in the early 2000’s over so-called “tort reform.” These were efforts to take away the rights of injured people to recover full compensation for their losses. Unsurprisingly Big insurance and Big Business funded and promoted these efforts supported by George Bush and other right-wing (NOT conservative) political figures …

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Sep 30

Emotional Distress Claims in Idaho: 5 Things That Help Prove Your Case

Emotional distress claims are among the most difficult injuries to prove in a court case. Unlike a broken bone, or a spinal disk injury, there is no test or X-ray to show the jury.  As the defense lawyers always like to say there is no “objective” proof of the injury.   Like the suffering part of …

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Apr 01

10 Do’s and Don’ts After an Idaho Injury Accident

Certainly, there are more things in each list, but here are 10 basic things to do and 10 basic things to avoid to protect your valid injury claim. You can also review our post on mistakes people make in the injury claim process for more in-depth information Do’s Check on the well-being of all people …

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Jan 20

The Variability of Spinal Cord Injuries

When we deal with large trucking cases we often see clients with some sort of spinal cord injury.   And while, in our experience these injuries more common in trucking cases, or in cases involving vehicle rollovers, spinal cord injuries can occur in any type of injury accident. The fact that a person has a spinal …

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Jan 06

Free Book To Help With Your Idaho Injury Claim

We offer a free book that we wrote to answer people’s questions about Idaho injury law. We have practiced as injury attorneys for many decades.  In that time, we had injured people and clients coming to us with many of the same questions.  Such as questions about comparative responsibility,or  fault. Questions about their insurance claims …

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Jan 27

What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

“What is my claim worth?” If I’ve had one injured client ask the question I have had a thousand do so. Falsehoods in the media often have people confused about what sort of monetary recovery they should expect when they are injured in a car accident, by a dangerous product, in a 18- wheeler case …

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May 07

Children’s Personal Injury Claims and The Minor’s Compromise: Special Problems and Special Protections

If your child is injured in a car crash, while in the care of another person, or while  participating in an activity, you may need to address your child’s personal injury claim.  These types of events are both unexpected and stressful.   In most cases involving injury to a child, hiring an experienced Idaho personal injury …

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Jan 25

Some Frequently Asked Questions We Hear as Accident Injury Lawyers

There are many, many, questions that we discuss with people who call us to talk about their Idaho personal injury case.  Below are a few that we hear regularly and some basic answers.  We are always happy to discuss these issues further so do not hesitate to call us about your injury claim. How fast …

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