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The Absurdity of Damage Caps Hit One of Their Own

Idaho, like many places, faced hard-fought battles in the early 2000’s over so-called “tort reform.” These were efforts to take away the rights of injured people to recover full compensation for their losses. Unsurprisingly Big insurance and Big Business funded and promoted these efforts supported by George Bush and other right-wing (NOT conservative) political figures …

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Dealing With Damages Caused by An Uninsured Driver

Idaho law requires all drivers to have insurance to cover accidents that are their fault. Unfortunately, not all drivers follow the law. If you are in a car collision with one of those uninsured drivers, there are a few options open to you for recovering the losses. Use Uninsured Motorists Insurance You Bought We tell …

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What is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

“What is my claim worth?” If I’ve had one injured client ask the question I have had a thousand do so. Falsehoods in the media often have people confused about what sort of monetary recovery they should expect when they are injured in a car accident, by a dangerous product, in a 18- wheeler case …

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Dealing with “Pre-Existing” Injuries in an Injury Claim in Idaho

If you have ever had any complaints of pain or prior injuries in the part of your body that is injured in a car wreck be ready for watch out for insurance company manipulation.    Insurance companies try to use the excuse of a pre-existing injury to avoid responsibility for providing compensation to injured people.  …

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What Happens When Your Spouse Injures You in A Car Accident?

Family relationships can make pursuing a valid injury claim emotionally more difficult. Idaho has special rules that protect the family relationships as well as an injured person’s right to compensation.

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Lost Income Claims In Personal Injury Cases Can Be Complicated

Idaho law provides people injured in car crashes, or through other negligent acts, a claim for compensation for a variety of damages they incur.  Included in the claims are things like medical care, car repair and pain and suffering.  Often one of the most complex areas to try and calculate a fair value for a …

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Boating Injury? We Can Often Help

Injury accidents occur with surprising frequency to people boating on lakes and rivers throughout Idaho.   Whether it’s a ski boat, a house boat a jet ski or a jet boat, over the years we have seen operators of such craft do many things that caused unnecessary harm and injuries. We have even seen an experienced …

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What Is It That Injury Lawyers Do Anyway?

It is fair to wonder what it is that personal injury attorneys do.For good attorneys, the answer is we get cases ready for trial. That does not mean your case is going to trial, just that it will be ready to go. The difference between a good personal injury attorney and one who is just a …

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