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What to Do If You Were in an Injury Accident

It is important that you take care of certain issues at a collision scene or soon afterward. Don’t Leave Unless you have injuries that require you be transported don’t leave the scene of an injury collision.   If you leave the scene of an accident you can face criminal penalties for being a “hit-and-run” driver. Wait …

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Don’t Facebook About Your Injury Claim

When you apply for a job, don’t you think the potential boss is going to “Google” you, read your blog posts,  check out your Facebook page, look at your MySpace page, and check your Tweets? These days people who meet often precede any dates with a bit of  “Googling”.  If your daughter starts dating a …

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Proud to Be a Jury Trial Lawyer

I am proud to be part of the American jury trial system, where jurors make our community safer.  My job as a lawyer is to show the jury the facts.  But, in the last analysis it is the Jurors who make the decisions. For example, it is Jurors who enforce the rules of the road …

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Who Pays My Medical Bills When I Have a Personal Injury Claim?

As with so many things about the medical payments system, that is unfortunately a complex question. When your injury claim is settled or a jury verdict is paid, the payment amount will include payment of all or part of your medical bills (plus wage loss, general damages, pain & suffering, and all other recoverable losses …

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A Basic Truth about Injury Litigation

Suing or bringing a claim does not mean you will get an easy windfall. Forget the media reports and the “urban myths” that lawsuits always lead to lots of money for nothing. It is simply not true. In our view the best case is the smallest one. Because that means the person has the least …

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Our Free Book Answers Many Questions

We wrote this book to answer your questions. Over the decades we have spent as personal injury attorneys, we learned injured people and clients kept coming to us with the same questions — questions about fault, their insurance claims and the risks and benefits of filing a lawsuit or settling their claim. This book is …

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Understanding Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage and its lingo can be confusing — collision, medpay, liability, UIM, uninsured, 50/100, 25/50/25, 500 single limits.  Many times people come to us and say they have “full coverage” but are not sure what that means. You can think about insurance policies like a pair of painter’s pants.  There are lots of pockets …

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Questions About Injury Claims? We Provide Answers

Many people who have never been in a serious accident dislike dealing with insurance companies. If you have been injured or have a large or complicated claim to make, you will soon find out why. Unfortunately, talking to insurance companies is an essential part of recovering from the injuries, and how you handle these interactions …

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