Cyclists’ Special Risks From Downtown Boise Construction Boom

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A word to the wise from concerned roadway users in about downtown Boise, In this era of construction cyclists need to car drives into pelotonup their vigilance and be extra careful while they navigate through the many active construction areas. As KBOI News Channel Two reported cyclists riding across downtown Boise are being forced to change their usual routes. Cyclists are fining many of the bicycle lanes just end abruptly because of the construction. They are finding some bicycle paths obstructed with construction fencing, orange cones and other construction zone items and debris. At least one seasoned cyclist interviewed reported that he no longer feels safe navigating through the busy downtown construction area.  Though Boise cyclists likely know most of them a few of the active construction zones that Boise cyclists need to be aware of are listed below

Avoid Cycling Crashed in These Construction Areas in Downtown Boise

  • Myrtle Street and Capitol Boulevard
  • Grove Street
  • 8th Street
  • Main Street
  • Jefferson Street

Thoughts on Downtown Construction Zone Bicycle Safety

Advocates and law enforcement officers are calling on cyclists to practice safe riding habits and to get off and walk their bikes when necessary to navigate safely through cones and construction zones. Thankfully, many of these projects are expected to be completed or nearing completion this fall. If cyclists take to the sidewalks, Boise Police Officers are reminding them to yield to pedestrians and always make eye contact with drivers before crossing intersections.

U.S. Bicycle Crashes by The Numbers

A few of the metrics to understand

  • In 2014, 726 cyclists were killed in traffic crashes across the nation.
  • An estimated 50,000 cyclists were injured nationwide in 2014.
  • 71-percent of all cyclists who died in motor vehicle crashes in 2014 died in urban areas.
  • Over the past 10 years, the average age of cyclists killed in crashes has increased from 39 to 45 years old.

Injured in a Bicycle Crash in Boise?

Bicycle riders continue to be one of the most vulnerable roadway user groups in Boise and across the U.S. Even crashes at relatively low speeds can be devastating, catastrophic and of course fatal for a bicycle rider.  Protective gear and helmets can improve safety and save lives. But ultimately, it’s up to the motorists to drive attentively and watch out for cyclists and other roadway users. Its is most enphatically a drivers job to safely operate a motor vehicle, see other road users and not hit them

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