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Crashes Involving Semi-Trucks Cause Great Damage

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Last Monday night, there was a multi-vehicle crash involving four semi trucks near Jerome.  According to KTVB News car wreckChannel Seven, and other outlets, the incident occurred on Interstate 84, near Hazelton, at milepost 191.  It happened at about 8:30 p.m. so it was still late spring daylight.  To this point very few details about the wreck have been released, but we do know that the pile-up involved four semi trucks, two SUVs and two passenger cars. Thus, a variety of different sized vehicles.  Multiple people were transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries, and it is reported one person was killed in the crash. Portions of the highway were not reopened until 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

More on The Multi-Car and Truck Collision

At this time, we don’t know how the crash happened, but high winds and thunderstorms were reported in the area prior to the wreck. Multiple police agencies and other emergency responders were called to the pile-up.  It is reported that an air ambulance was unable to respond due to a dust storm nearby. Motorists in the area were warned away from the area, whilethe  first responders and crews worked the scene. The cause or causes of this multiple vehicle crash remains still under investigation with law enforcement authorities. The identity of the person who was killed has not been released. Additionally, there has been no word on the condition of the other victims or the extent of anybody’s injuries.

Commercial Vehicles Can Wreak Havoc

This type of collision that includes commercial vehicles cause great damage.  Basically speaking, a commercial vehicle is any vehicle that used for business purposes.  The prime examp,le are vehicles  used to carry freight.  Most often, the fact a commercial vehcile is involved matters more when it is a big truck (semis, tractor trailers), a bus, a box truck, a van,  because they can generally cause more damage.

All over Idaho, big trucks are a preferred type of commercial vehicle.  The reason is simple.  With their large carrying capacities, big trucks  can carry more cargo for delivery and also serve as as utility or maintenance vehicles.

It is the size and weight commercial vehicles, not to mention the nature of the cargo that they transport, that often becomes a cause for concern.   Any kind of traffic crash can be tragic, but commercial vehicle incidents and the consequences they create are often disastrous..

U.S. Truck Crash Facts

  • In 2014, there were 3,903 people killed in crashes involving large trucks.
  • An estimated 111,000 people were injured in crashes involving large trucks in 2014.
  • In 2013, an estimated 95,000 people were injured in crashes involving large trucks.
  • In 2014, 73 percent of people killed in large-truck crashes were occupants of the other vehicles.
  • In 2014, 10 percent of people killed in large trucks were nonoccupants, (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.).
  • In 2014, there were 21 fatal crashes in Idaho involving large trucks.

Semi Truck Accidents in Idaho

Semi truck accidents can leave surviving victims with devastating and even catastrophic injuries. Since commercial trucks are so much larger and heavier than other small cars and light trucks, lengthy and thorough investigations are an essential part of any truck accident case. If you have been injured or if you have lost a loved one in an accident involving a commercial trucking vehicle in Boise or in any of the surrounding communities, contact the skilled and proven team at Holzer-Edwards, Chartered at (208) 386-9119 for a free case consultation.


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