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Bike Safety Month and Idaho Road Safety

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently publicizing their annual bicycle safety car drives into pelotoncampaign. May is Bicycle Safety Month, and officials with the NHTSA are calling on motorists and bicycle riders to be “Roll Models” for cyclists, drivers and other roadway users. They’re reminding drivers and riders to always remain focused on the road. If drivers are distracted, they’re not looking out for cyclists and other roadway users. Cyclists are also encouraged to wear helmets and other safety gear and to always practice safe riding habits.

U.S. Bicycle Crash Statistics

  • In 2013, 743 cyclists were killed.
  • An estimated 48,000 cyclists were injured in crashes in 2013.
  • 68 percent of all cyclists who died in crashes in 2013 died in urban areas.
  • Over a 10-year period (2004 to 2013), the average age of cyclist killed in crashes has steadily increased from 39 to 44 years old.
  • Between 2010 and 2013, there has been a 19 percent increase in cyclist fatalities.
  • In 2013, three cyclists in Idaho were killed in traffic crashes.
  • Inattention is a prime reason for these incidents according to an Idaho Statesman analysis.

Lookout For Cyclists

Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable roadway user groups. Bicycles are smaller than traditional passenger occupant vehicles, and bicycle riders don’t have seat belts, safety cages and air bags to protect them in the event of a crash. If drivers are distracted, they’re not safely sharing the road with cyclists. Drivers need to be on the lookout for cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and all other roadway users.

Be A “Roll Model”

The NHTSA has a variety of tips for cyclists and drivers. Being a “Roll Model” is all about practicing safe riding and driving habits and above all, making a commitment to never drive or ride distracted. Officials with the NHTSA want riders to wear helmets and always observe the rules of the road to increase their own personal safety. Unfortunately, even the safest of cyclists are put at risk when drivers are distracted, negligent or willfully dangerous.

Bicycle Crash in Boise

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