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The Variability of Spinal Cord Injuries

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When we deal with large trucking cases we often see clients with some sort of spinal cord injury.   And while, in our amy-van-dyken spine fracture imageexperience these injuries more common in trucking cases, or in cases involving vehicle rollovers, spinal cord injuries can occur in any type of injury accident.

The fact that a person has a spinal cord injury does not mean that they automatically have quadraplegia.  The severity of the injury can vary widely.  Some spinal cord injuries do lead to paralysis and permanent changes in the injured person’s life. There are other spinal cord injuries do not have large long-term effects on the injured person.

Spinal cord injuries are assessed and scored based on the American Spinal Injury Association Impairment Scale.

The scale is referred to as the ASIA scale.  The most severe injuries are in Class A and the least severe in Class E.

Class A injuries are complete spinal cord injuries.  In these, the the person no longer has any sensory or motor function below the injury point.

Class B injuries are ones in which a person has completely lost motor function below the injury point, but maintains some sensory function   It is referred to as an incomplete spinal cord injury.   An incomplete spinal cord injury is when a person has lost some, but not all, sensory or motor function below the point of the injury. The same is true of Class C and D injuries.  These two types differ in the amount of loss of key muscle strength below the injury location.

The last and least severe type of spinal cord injuries are class E injuries. These are injuries that have not caused a person’s sensory and motor functions to deviate from normal.

Spinal cord injuries can change lives and requires specialized evaluation not only by medical professionals, but when a liability claim is involved, by experienced personal injury attorneys who are competent trial counsel.    Specialists like life care planners and vocational rehabilitation professionals need to be consulted and made part of the damages a presentation.

If you have been in any type of injury accident and are dealing with a spinal cord injury, call us.  The initial consultation is free.  We help people all over Idaho.

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  1. manzarm

    Thanks for sharing such a good article.

  2. Steve Daniel

    Nice article, I know how a spinal cord injury may effect the life if not treated properly. It might even cause you Loss of movement or sensation.

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