Free Book To Help With Your Idaho Injury Claim

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We offer a free book that we wrote to answer people’s questions about Idaho injury law. We have practiced as injury attorneys for many decades.  In that time, we Idaho Injury Lawhad injured people and clients coming to us with many of the same questions.  Such as questions about comparative responsibility,or  fault. Questions about their insurance claims and the insurance companies.  Or, questions about the risks and benefits of filing a lawsuit or settling their claim. We have endeavored in the book to answer the most common questions we get from clients and potential clients.  It is focused on making sure that people understand what is really involved in pursing injury litigation.  The myths in the general media are not true.

We are happy to provide a free copy of the book to anyone interested.  Just contact us.

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    • Susan Lehman on March 4, 2016 at 12:58 PM
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    I would enjoy reading this book, thanks for offering your advice to those of us who need all the help we can get!
    Thank you.

    Send to:
    Susan Lehman
    14138 Towers Drive
    Caldwell, ID 83607

    1. We have sent it yourway.

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