Special Risks of Semi-Trucks & How to Share the Road

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Image description-KeywordsCollisions with tractor/trailers or semi-trucks result in some of the most serious injuries we see suffered by Idaho drivers. For example,just a few weeks ago, on September 26, the ISP  investigated a collision in Nampa involving a semi driver named Randall Britton and Elena Estrada-Ayala. Britton was driving a Peterbilt semi pulling a single trailer when he struck Estrada-Ayala’s Honda during a lane change. The collision caused her to lose control and overturn in the median. Four passengers in Estrada-Ayala’s vehicle required medical treatment as a result of the accident. As is often the case, Britton and his passenger in the semi were unharmed.

While a few rude truckers sometimes hog the road or driver in a risky manner, most professional drivers are courteous and try to be safety conscious.  Ordinary motorists can avoid many accidents involving semis if they consider the special challenges associated with driving such a large vehicle.

Special Problems For Truckers That Create Risk

For example, truckers have large blind spots to the right and rear of the vehicle. There are also smaller blind spots in the right front corner and mid-left side of the truck. If you’re in these spots, the trucker can’t see you. This is particularly problematic if you’re trying to pass and don’t do it quickly. The longer you’re in the truck’s blind spot, the higher the odds are that an accident will occur. A recent survey of semi drivers found that vehicles traveling in blind spots were rated as the number one safety hazard.

You should also consider the fact that semi-trucks require up to three times the distance to stop as a typical passenger car. If you try to sneak into a small gap in traffic between a truck and the car in front of it, you’re impairing the trucker’s ability to safely do his or her job. If you end up needing to stop suddenly, you’ll be at a high risk of being rear ended by the semi behind you.

Finally, if you notice that a trucker has his or her turn signal blinking, be courteous and leave room for the trucker to merge or change lanes. Flash your lights to indicate that you’re willing to let the truck in.

When you’re in a hurry to get to your destination, making allowances for semi-trucks can seem like a bit of an inconvenience. However, never forget the vast majority of the approximately 5,000 annual fatalities in accidents involving semi-trucks involved the occupants of the passenger vehicle that collided with the truck. It’s not worth risking your life to arrive at your destination a few minutes sooner.

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