What Is An Aggressive Driver?

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Are You an Aggressive DriverMost of us know there are dangers associated with aggressive drivers and driving. But many people do not fully understand what behaviors indicate that a person is an aggressive driver.

Here are some common signs that you are an aggressive driver:

  • You often take up more than one parking space.
  • You’ve parked in a handicapped space even though you don’t have the proper permit.
  • You don’t dim your headlights for oncoming traffic.
  • At an intersection, you blow your horn at the driver in front of you the instant the light turns green.
  • You tailgate other drivers.
  • You regularly drive over the speed limit.
  • You try to “beat” red lights because you’re in a hurry.
  • You weave in and out of traffic.
  • You flash your headlights at other drivers who you feel are driving too slowly.
  • You’ve raised a middle finger to another driver more than once.
  • You loudly curse at other motorists.
  • You’ve gotten physically aggressive with another driver.
  • You believe that you’re the best driver on the road.

Defensive Driving Vs. Aggressive Driving

Defensive driving is NOT aggressive driving. If you are a defensive driver you think about safety above all else. You are aware of your surroundings, cut out distractions, and do not depend upon other drivers to protect you from an auto accident.  In contrast, if you are an aggressive driver, you put your own needs above the needs of everyone else on the road. You take unnecessary risks and let your emotions get the best of you.

Dealing with Your Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving poses a serious safety hazard on the road. If you see yourself in many of the statements listed above, you need to find ways to cope with your anger so you’re not at risk of hurting yourself or others when you get behind the wheel. Consider altering your schedule or taking a different route to avoid traffic congestion. Remind yourself to give other drivers the benefit of the doubt, since even the most conscientious driver will occasionally make a mistake. Find a quiet spot to pull over if you find yourself getting angry to the point of succumbing to “road rage.” Take deep breaths, listen to calming music, or call a friend who can help you adjust your perspective before you get back on the road.

Unchecked anger can lead to split second decisions that can ruin the rest of your life. If you were to injure someone or cause property damage due to your negligent behavior, you could face jail time or be held liable for damages.

How Can We Help?

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