Should I Go to a Doctor After a Car Accident?

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Should I Go to a Doctor After a Car Accident

Car accidents interrupt life– There you are just cruising along, listening to your favorite song, rehearsing lines from a presentation for work headed out to pick up ypur kids when, WHAM, you are suddenly struck from behind by another driver. In those brief few seconds, your day has changed. You continue to do everything right; you check on the other driver and exchange insurance information, you may give a police statement. You are now more than ready to get back to the rest of your day. You feel a bit of al headache, maybe a bruise or two but are certain that you are feeling good enough to brush off the accident as a minor inconvenience. After all, you have things to do and you feel fine. You don’t have to go to a doctor, right?  Wrong.

Skipping the Doctor After a Car Accident Can Ruin Your Claim

That small headache you are thinking of ignoring could well be a symptom of a more severe injury. You may not even be considering filing a claim against the other driver at this point; however, failing to visit the doctor could damage your claim should you eventually need to file one. When you avoid getting a proper examination following an accident, you are actually diminishing your chance at later proving that any serious injury you may have experienced is linked to the accident. Every minute you spend avoiding the doctor’s visit gets you further away from being able to link your injuries to the accident. It is just a bad idea to tell others at the scene that you feel “fine” or “I’m OK.”   Truth is you won’t truly know if you are OK until your doctor has evaluated you and tells you so. You may have a concussion, or some other form of damage that your body’s initial upsurge of adrenaline conceals from you.

Avoiding that initial doctor’s visit can affect your wallet by limiting the amount of compensation you are entitled to for those injuries. It has happened countless times: A person in a car wreck walks away from the accident feeling more annoyed than hurt and decides to skip the doctor visit. Within a few days, that minor headache they felt worsens; they can’t sleep, and are having trouble eating, and they finally decide to go to the doctor. The doctor informs that person that they have suffered from a severe concussion or worse, but because they waited so long to have that examination, the other driver’s attorney is able to cast just enough doubt on the possible cause of the injury that the judge is forced to lessen the amount of compensation awarded to the accident victim. Don’t let this happen to you.  Go see your doctor immediately following an accident. Remember that old adage, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”  As we’ve said before, go see your doctor, it makes good sense. 

Your Doctor, Your Attorney

Just like it’s important to see a doctor following a  car accident, you should always contact an attorney when you’ve been involved in an accident — even if you feel like your injuries are minor at the time of the incident — because you just never know what injuries may arise after the fact, and you want your lawyer to know every detail as soon as possible.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident, contact the attorneys at Holzer Edwards. We have a team of attorneys that are dedicated to helping individuals and families receive proper compensation for their injuries. Our lawyers specialize in car accident cases, so please give us a call today at (208) 386-9119 or toll-free at (888) 490-0992 for a free consultation.


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  1. This is great advice! It’s best to get checked out after an accident because sometimes you may not notice any pain until the next day.

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