Apr 14

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Motorcycle Season and Distracted Driving

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Motorcycle Season is Back

As the warm Spring weather is approaching and days are getting longer, motorcyclists are gearing up to again hit the open road. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get when riding a motorcycle.   With this freedom, though, comes great responsibility for yourself and other drivers. That free range ride can quickly turn disastrous or even deadly if you or another driver get distracted. Every day in the United States, 9 deaths occur and more than 1,060 people are injured in motor vehicle crashes which are caused by distracted driving. There are three basic  types of distraction that have been identified include:


  • Visual: not watching the road
  • Manual: not holding the wheel
  • Cognitive: not thinking about what you’re doing

Certainly distracted driving can seriously injure and even kill a car driver,  As with an injury accident, it can be even worse for a person on a motorcycle.

The statistics make the dangers of distracted driving quite clear:  According to a CDC 2011 study on distracted driving, 3,331 people died in crashes that were caused by distracted driving. Another 387,000 people suffered injuries. In 2010, 18 percent of motor vehicle accidents were caused by distracted driving.

 So here are some tips on how to keep safe while riding your motorcycle this season:

  1. Always pay attention to what you (and other drivers) are doing. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. (Most motorcycle accidents are caused when motorcycles collide with other vehicles.)
  2. Avoid the urge to weave in and out of traffic (even if it is feasible). You never know what other drivers are doing in their motor vehicles, so it is best not to test them.
  3. Avoid speeding because it impairs your ability to react quickly when needed, but it also increases the likelihood of a serious or fatal accident should something go wrong. Helmets and pads can only protect you so much.
  4. While this is a given, never ride without your proper safety equipment and clothing (helmets, etc.).
  5. If you are a new biker, don’t buy a bike that you can’t properly handle, and be fully practiced before you get on the road with the public.
  6. Avoid riding in bad weather (i.e. rain or expected rain). Bad weather impairs your ability to see and maneuver your bike, but it also impairs other drivers’ ability to see you and avoid a collision with you.
  7. Be alert for any and all road hazards, especially when riding new territory.

Motorcycle Attorneys

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