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Boating Injury? We Can Often Help

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Injury accidents occur with surprising frequency to people boating on lakes and boatingrivers throughout Idaho.   Whether it’s a ski boat, a house boat a jet ski or a jet boat, over the years we have seen operators of such craft do many things that caused unnecessary harm and injuries. We have even seen an experienced dory boat oarsman cause a serious injury to a person on another boat because of the doryman’s negligent actions.

Not surprisingly, just as with motorcycles and bicycles, boating accidents become more prevalent in the summer.  More people turn to lakes and rivers for recreational fun.  When such accidents are the result of alcohol abuse, drug use, excessive speed or driver inattentiveness there may be a role for a boating accident injury attorney. 

There are other basic rules of safety that boat operators or rafters should file.  At dusk or in nighttime conditions, boats need visible running light to signal the boat’s presence to others.   And, there are often people operating boats, jets skis or water bikes without any experience or training.    People sometimes feel safe on the water and do stupid things.  With some basic training and guidance many water sport related injuries and accidents could be reduced or even eliminated.  Recreational boaters who are not experienced with speed boats, jet skis, and other water craft often cause accidents resulting in significant injuries to themselves and others.

Unlike the road traffic rules, rules of safe boat operation are a bit less clear although there are Idaho laws on safe boat operation.  A boat operator must always abide by the basic rule that everything he does must be reasonable under the circumstances.     Idaho law provides it is illegal to operate a boat in a:

“careless or heedless manner so as to be indifferent to any person or property of other persons, or at a rate of speed greater than will permit him in the exercise of reasonable care to bring the vessel to a stop within the assured clear distance ahead”

Idaho offers boater safety training though a Boat Idaho Course. Idaho Parks and Rec offers free courses as well. And all Idaho Boaters have a duty to be competent and to know the navigation rules.  

But if you are a person injured by a negligent act of a boat operator, it is good to know that many boat, jet ski and other water-sport accidents are insured by the homeowner’s insurance policy for either the boat operator or the boat owner.

Our experienced attorneys can investigate the boat collision or other incident and evaluate your legal claim.  We can help you understand whether you have a claim that should be pursued.  We can also discuss whether you may have a legal right to recover monetary compensation to help deal with and pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other hardships.


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