Spring is Motorcycle Season: Be Safe Out There

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Warmer weather means more motorcycles are sharing the roads.  It also means both motorists and motorcycleaccidentsmotorcycle riders need to take extra care to avoid accidents.  Be on the lookout for motorcycles.  

For young riders, being smart and in control remains the key to safety.  Avoiding tragedies like the 20 year old who recently died in a Boise collision caused when he was passing on the right at high speed requires not being stupid.

And while all motorcyclists should take proper precautions to stay safe, older riders need to take into consideration that as we age our reflexes slow, our eyesight diminishes, our muscle mass reduces and bone strength lessens.  All of which make it harder to deal with the results of an injury accident of any kind.  And Motorcycle wrecks are no exception.

While we can do a great job for you with our experience, skills and track record of success as good as Idaho motorcycle injury attorneys frankly we would rather you never meet us.  

Safety Precautions For Motorcyclists

Here are a few basic safety precautions that all motorcycle riders should adhere to (and older riders should adhere to in particular) to avoid the need of the services an Idaho motorcycle accident attorney.

  • Wear a helmet
  • Wear proper motorcycle gear: gloves, boots, jacket, and pants
  • Wear reflective and/or brightly colored motorcycle gear
  • Watch Your Speed
  • Avoid a Truck’s “No-Zones”
  • Do a pre-ride inspection: insure your bike is working each time before you ride
  • Never ride a motorcycle while impaired by drugs (prescription or illicit)  or alcohol
  • Keep fit with a good diet, exercise and adequate sleep

But, no matter your age or skill level, motorcycle riders are always at a higher risk for injury in accidents that involve a motorcycle and any other type of motor vehicle. Take an Idaho STAR course to improve your skills,

So if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you should immediately see your doctor (of course, if seriously injured, you should seek emergency assistance) and contact an experienced Boise motorcycle accident law firm to assist with your insurance claim or potential lawsuit against the at-fault driver in the accident.

In short, if you are in a motorcycle accident, you have the same rights to benefits and compensation as someone in a car collision.  Don’t neglect calling your insurance company and reporting your accident just as you would if involved in a two-car accident.  For assistance with any motorcycle accident injury claim,call us at (208) 386-9119.

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