When Do I Need A Lawyer For My Personal Injury Claim?

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Not every time you need to make a claim against a person who caused a collision requires an attorney.  The specific circumstances will dictate whether an attorney needs to be involved.  For example, in a car crash injury case which was not your fault if the other driver has an insurance policy with low limits which that will not fully compensate you for your injuries, then involving a lawyer may not be helpful or productive.

coupleThe answer to the question in the title is this: you should always take advantage of the availability of a free telephone consultation with a good injury attorney to help you decide whether legal council is right for you and your situation.  Because there are so many variables that no single answer is always right.

Good injury lawyers are generally happy to provide a little free advice to people about settlement offers which may have been extended in a potential case.   And, if you have received a fair offer without a lawyer involved–take it.   Getting an attorney involved will reduce your recovery by at least a third because you have to pay for the lawyer

After an injury accident, the insurance adjuster will be trying to contact you.   We have previously written about how to prepare for talking to that adjuster.  The adjuster will be looking for information about your property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and medical treatment. While cooperating might get you a settlement offer in an effort to close the adjuster’s file, whether that offer is fair is a very different story.

Making statements to the adjuster particularly if there is any issue at all of liability or fault is often a mistake.  Even when the collision is clearly the fault of the other driver, adjusters may attempt to “low ball” you with an unfair offer that does not reflect the actual harms, losses and injuries you have incurred.

Particularly as you are dealing with accident injuries that are more severe, insurance coverage issues become more difficult.  For example, if, in your situation, the person who injured you has multiple types of insurance and policies, things can quickly get complex.  And sometimes people have insurance coverage that applies that is from separate companies about which the adjuster you are negotiating with may be unaware.

As your attorneys we can bring certain resources to bear to identify and confirm the existence of certain types of insurance.  And we can seek legally binding statements from the insurance company and its insured to protect you in the event other insurance is later discovered which would also be liable to help compensate you for the harms and losses you have incurred.

The reality is from a simple financial perspective if you have very minor injuries it is frequently not worth getting an attorney involved.   For some people it is still well worth it to hire an attorney so they know things are handled appropriately, even if that means in the end the injured person puts a little less in their pocket.

We certainly recommended you avoid any lawyers who want to send you to get unnecessary medical treatment.  This will not only not really help you, it can cost you more in the long run.  Not to mention it is wrong.

This does not mean that you should not get thoroughly checked out following an accident.   And, that you recognize that in a injury claim setting you have to be sure and create a medical record that accurately reflects your injuries.  Long experience has taught us that sometimes injuries which at first seem minor can develop into serious life changing conditions

Call us to discuss your case and we can help you decide if in your situation hiring an attorney for your Idaho accident injury claim is the right thing for you.

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  1. It is important to know the professional opinion in legal cases because they may need or may not need a lawyer, but need advice first.

    • jenny on January 30, 2013 at 12:20 AM
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    It is not necessary that you need an attorney for every compensation claim against third party. You can do it yourself but if you want a legal advice on how to make a compensation claim you should consult an attorney. I must say that there is a very simple rule that you need to follow and that is the more serious your injuries are and the more its impact on your life and so there are greater needs to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.

  2. It is super important for you to have a professional opinion, know what they are talking about and might know things that you don’t know.

    • Lisa injury lawyers on May 30, 2013 at 7:23 AM
    • Reply

    “Always take advantage of the availability of a free telephone consultation with a good injury attorney”, is the best advice I’ve received in a LONG time. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I’ve been looking for good advice for awhile now and this is the best I’ve heard in a long while!

    • George on June 5, 2013 at 2:26 AM
    • Reply

    So true, most law offices offered free consultation prior the case and that’s a big help already. Seeking for legal assistance is indeed necessary to ensure that your rights are protected and you’ll be able to get the justice you deserve.

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