Feb 21

Hot Coffee Coming To Idaho

For a quarter century a public relations campaign, paid for by tobacco, pharmaceutical and insurance companies,  has been inundating the American pysche with a Big Lie– the civil justice system is out of control.  Runaway juries etc. etc. blah blah blah.  You’ve heard it right?– “America is the worlds most litigious society.”
Well-  Its not true.  Its a lie.  For example, per capita use of the courts in countries like Canada, England New Zealand, Israel, Denmark and Australia appears very similar to US. rates.

The movie Hot Coffee premiered to great acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival which explains that the “film shows that many long-held beliefs about our civil justice system have been paid for by corporate America.”

On Thursday February 23, Hot Cofee is having its Idaho Theatrical debut at the Egyptian Theater in Boise.This FREE event sponsored by The Idaho Film Center, the Idaho Film Foundation and the ITLA is open to the public, but space is limited, so please call 345-1890 and reserve your tickets today!

The whole implication that the corporate interests bring to bear is that those damn personal injury claimants  are overrunning the courts.  The reality is that injury claims amount to about 10% of the court cases.   The National Center for State Courts does the statistical work. “When tort and contract caseloads are examined side by side contracts dominate in every jusrisdiction.” The very businesses who have been diligently working to limit people’s access to the court system,are using it more and more.  And the statistics show that filings relative to population fell from 230 per 100,000 residents in 1975 to 212 in 2000.

The civil justice system remains the only place where an average citizen can go toe to toe with those with money and power and still have a shot at justice.

I encourage you to watch Hot Coffee and visit its Facebook site too.

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