The Problem with Medical Bills For People Injured In An Idaho Car Crash

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Dealing with getting your medical bills paid when someone else hurts you is often a huge headache.  Even though the basic rule of Idaho law is that the bad-guy is responsible for the costs imposed on you, the reality is they are not obligated to pay as you go for your medical costs.

Instead, in an injury claim what you have is the right to be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary medical expenses incurred because of the collision.  But the doctors still, understandably, want to get paid.  This means that your own insurance and personal resources are required to be n the line for your injury care.

Generally speaking. your own “Med-pay” or “PIP”  insurance coverage from your personal automobile insurance policy (if you bought it) will be required to pay your bills up to the limit of coverage.  This is often just  two three or five thousand dollars.  Only after that is used up  will other insurance kick in.  The next payer on the list is your own health insurance or you personally.   At the end of the the case, almost all insurance that paid your medical bills has the right to claim reimbursement or assert a “subrogation” interest.  This issue of payment is discussed in more detail in an earlier post.

Thus, when your claim is settled or a jury verdict is paid, the payment amount will include payment of all or part of your medical bills (plus lost income/wages, your general damages, pain & suffering, and all other recoverable losses etc. ) Idaho law does not require the negligent party’s insurer to make any payment on medical bills until final resolution.

The bad guy’s insurance company sometimes wants to fight about whether the care was reasonable or needed for the injuries you received.  Insurance companies typically refuse any payments until the claim is fully and finally resolved.

One of the services that injury attorneys can provide is assistance with the medical billing offices to limit collections activities to reduce that stress for you over the course of a claim.

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