Sep 12

Go See Your Doctor- It Makes Good Sense For Idahoans Injured in a Wreck

Emergency room doctors  don’t have the time and the resources to do a complete workup regarding  an injury in a car crash.  They are subject to time pressures and  interruptions  for things that may seem more pressing.  They often solve problems based on probabilities rather than on strong medical data and thorough analysis of that data.   Often we see a crash injury patient get a diagnosis  on limited, incomplete or selective data.   If you are not bleeding and the initial radiology does not disclose any issue that needs immediate  treatment, then the ER doctor will release you.

Thus, if you were in a wreck– regardless of what the ER doctor says — go get a thorough work-up by your own physician in a non- emergency setting.

An  injury claimant needs to create an ACCURATE and COMPLETE record of the injury.   Insurance companies are always trying to minimize the experiences that injured people go through.  They point to delays and claim the issues are not related to the collision.

Medical records-particularly those from an Emergency Room visit -are often in error.  While these are usually not life-threatening errors they are the type of error that can create headaches a year or two later when you are in trial.

So make sure your personal physicians medical records reflect what is actually happening with your injury.  Get every physical problem and each  functional limitation documented and evaluated. Be certain to tell your doctor about all of your symptoms, no matter how minor they seem.  The importance of documentation is to create an unassailable record of your injuries and treatment.  This is  essential in the event you have a legal claim. It also lets you have your own physician serve as the guide to get you into specialists. And follow your doctors orders.

So be smart and talk to your doctor.

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  1. […] Secondly, avoiding that doctor’s visit could also affect your wallet by limiting the amount of compensation you are entitled to for those injuries. It has happened countless times: A victim of a car accident walks away from the accident feeling more annoyed than hurt and decides to skip the doctor visit. Within a few days, that minor headache they felt worsens; they can’t sleep, and are having trouble eating, and they finally decide to go to the doctor. The doctor informs that person that they have suffered from a severe concussion or worse, but because they waited so long to have that examination, the other driver’s attorney is able to cast just enough doubt on the possible cause of the injury that the judge is forced to lessen the amount of compensation awarded to the accident victim. Don’t let this happen to you, visit your doctor immediately following an accident. Remember that old adage, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”  As we’ve said before, go see your doctor, it makes good sense.  […]

  2. […] But your statements and descriptions are discounted and rejected if not backed up by documentation. Get the care you need.  One perverse effect of this is that people who consume more medical care than they might […]

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