Being a Plaintiff’s Warrior-A Commitment to Regular Citizens

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I am a Plaintiff’s Warrior.
Each day I suit up and strap on the armor needed to do battle on the fields of civil justice.
I reach into my quiver for the weapons to do good things for regular people.
And, I love the fact I get to do that—every day.
As a plaintiff’s warrior I understand the basic weapons that are there for me to fight the battles for ordinary citizens:

  • Weapons that give me power—like civility towards those representing the enemy;
  • Weapons that  carry me far in battle–like honesty toward my client and our mutual foe;
  • Weapons that strengthen my defenses–like reason and rationality about the facts and the law;
  • Weapons that give me understanding–like compassion for witnesses and juries drawn into the conflict;
  • Weapons that help me prevail– like persuasion to help others develop understanding.

Sun Tzu in the art of war said  “In war, then, let your great object be victory, not lengthy campaigns.”  I roll these weapons out in service of victory for ordinary citizens injured by wrongdoers.  And I know that unnecessary delay in resolving claims, is itself another injury to my clients.  Ultimately, I have only one goal as a plaintiff’s warrior and it is articulated simply in the mission statement of the Idaho Trial Lawyers Association:

Seek Justice for All

Texas legal legend Howard Nations has long reminded us that those who are lawyer bashers frequently, and ignorantly, offer up this from Shakespeare’s Henry VI:   “THE FIRST THING WE DO,  LET’S KILL ALL THE LAWYERS.” As Howard says, that line is really a tribute to lawyers fighting for ordinary citizens.   And, those who attack  lawyers with this phrase are as uninformed about Shakespeare as they are about our judicial system.   This was a line from Dick the Butcher, a supporter of  anarchist Jack Cade, described by Shakespeare as “the head of an army of rabble and a demagogue pandering to the ignorant,” who wanted to overthrow the overthrow the government.  He was saying the first step to breaking down the established order was getting rid of the lawyers who protect society.  They sought only power for themselves-not justice for all

These days the attacks on lawyers and those who work for justice within the legal system are easy to find.  At all levels of government, lobbying by the insurance industry,  manufacturing moguls, banking executives  all those who want to escape personal responsibility for the harms and losses their actions impose on ordinary citizens takes away the rights of ordinary citizens step by step.

As a plaintiff’s warrior some battles are easy to get dressed for:   Where the enemy is a Goliath and the client is  seriously wronged;  Where justice has great intrinsic and extrinsic rewards; where the tale of good and evil plays out easily to any who see it.

But for me, as with most plaintiff’s warriors, many battles we deal with don’t have that grievously wronged plaintiff or that clearly evil bad guy.   Rather our client is hurt, but not disabled, and the defendant admits some wrong doing–but the insurance carrier is unwilling to provide fair compensation.  What happens to these clients, for example, is they have a have fair claim for say 5 or 6 thousand dollars.  The insurance company only offers $3500 or so.   Another case of those so-called “good hands”  becoming “boxing gloves” when a regular person needs those insurance benefits the law provides for them.  But in smaller injury cases like this, doing the full battle might result in only an extra $500 or $800 for the client after the costs incurred in doing battle to get the full recovery are paid.

For these battles another set of weapons is called upon- perseverance, tenacity and patience.  These are the weapons that must be used to get justice when one side has the power and the luxury of saying no just to cause delay and impose a little more pain on those with less power.  Knowing how to wield those weapons and the statutory tools such as Idaho Code 12-120, the Small Lawsuit Resolution Act and section 41-1839 to help people deal with their injury claims is among the things that makes being a Plaintiff’s Warrior so satisfying.

We are happy to do battle for you wherever you live in southern Idaho from Twin Falls to Payette, all of Boise and its surrounding area.  Call us–we keep our weapons clean and sharp so that when the ruling comes down it will be for our clients.


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