Do it Yourself Lawyering-Is it a Good Idea in Idaho?

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People who come and see us with potential injury claims frequently wonder whether  hiring a lawyer will cause them to pay  attorneys’ fees and end up with less money in the end.  That is a valid and important question.  On the other hand,  a few other questions should come to your mind (1) if you were in need of surgery, would you try to do the surgery yourself?,  (2) do you really have any idea how to deal with an insurance claims adjuster who handles thousands of claims a year and has been trained in techniques to minimize your recovery?, (3) without an attorney can you present any risks to the insurer for treating you unfairly?

Potential clients have a hard time understanding the claims adjuster for the bad guy’s insurance company has no duty to them.  Really, no duty at all.  Their obligations are to the insured person (the bad guy) and the company.  Remember, the insurance adjuster is not under oath when they are dealing with you. Many are trained to do absolutely everything in their power to deny your injury claim or pay you as little as possible.  Don’t think your are in “good hands” or have a “good neighbor” those are advertising slogans that don’t apply to injured people making claims.  Really, they don’t.   And if you are thinking if it does not work out, I can always hire a lawyer later–think again. Commonly, people who come in after trying to handle their injury claim with the “do it yourself” approach, have done something given a statement unfavorable to their claim,  and missing crucial damages they are entitled to under the law.

If you have an injury lawyer or law firm who works your claim diligently and aggressively, your decision to hire a lawyer is more often than not worth the time. While most people are concerned about their property damage, I remind potential clients that vehicles can always be replaced, but you only get one body during your lifetime, if you do not look out for your health, who will?

Certainly people do not need to hire attorneys for every claim that they may have but they DO need to consult with one early  in the process.  Like most other quality attorneys who work helping people with injury claims, we will consult with you for free.  Take advantage of this offer.  Not all adjusters are evil and not all insurance companies manipulate injured people to get them to take far less than they have a right to recover.  But protect yourself  from those who are and do and talk to a professional who can help you determine if you need to hire an attorney

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