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What to Expect When You Contact an Attorney the First Time about Your Idaho Injury Claim

The practice at our firm is for the lawyers to do an initial phone interview about your potential claim.  When you first call some law firms, your initial interview and consultation call may be performed by  a paralegal, a case manager or an intake specialist.

We will ask you for basic contact information, as well as the details of your accident. Based on your answers, we will make an initial assessment of your case and may schedule a consultation. If you cannot travel to the law firm, we, like many otherpersonal injury lawyers are willing to have the consultation on the telephone, in your home or at the hospital. At our firm, we make every effort to accommodate clients and potential clients with this type of need.

During an initial sit-down consultation, you will be asked for details about your collision and your injuries. Because details can be hard to remember, and because some clients feel intimidated or stressed by this meeting, we recommend that clients bring all of the documents they have that are related to the accident — things like police reports, hospital bills, pictures, your insurance policy and more. We always do our best to put clients at ease and explain everything as thoroughly as possible, without “legalese.”

Questions we will likely ask at your consultation include:

  1. Did anyone receive a ticket?
  2. Was a police report made? If so, do you have a copy?
  3. Did you take photos of the vehicle?
  4. Did you take photos of your injuries?
  5. Did you give a statement to police, insurance adjusters or anyone else?
  6. Were there any witnesses, and if so, did anyone get their contact information?
  7. How much damage was done to your vehicle?
  8. What medical treatment have you had thus far?
  9. What medical treatment, tests or follow-up are currently recommended by your treating physician(s)?
  10. How are you feeling?
  11. Are your bills being paid?
  12. What insurance companies are involved?

We will also discuss in detail our fee structure.  For the majority of clients a “contingent fee” makes the most sense.    This means that you are not required to pay for legal services unless and until the case has been won.   If  there is no recovery for your damages, we the attorneys get no fee for our work.

This arrangement may sound strange, but it remains popular because it allows lawyers to take strong cases brought by clients who might not be able to afford legal fees otherwise. We believe this is an essential and valuable part of our legal system, providing access to justice for everyone, no matter what their income or background might be.

If you have any questions about your claim please give us a call.  We do not charge for an initial consultation.

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