Using your Humanity Against You- Insurance Companies and the “Gap In Treatment”

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A basic mistake that people make when they have been injured is to think they should treat their medical care like they always do. Which for most people means try to “tough it out.” Injured people don’t often understand that this makes the insurance company happy because they use it against you.

Insurance companies deny and shortchange personal injury claims when the records show a gap in treatment. This is when there is a long period of time between an injury and when you go to the doctor or hospital or a long delay between one visit and the next. When they see such a gap insurance adjusters are taught to assert that the medical care must not be caused by the accident and therefore they have no responsibility .

We have seen dozens, maybe hundreds, of times where people who just did not think seeing a doctor was important got mistreated by the liability insurance company.

Sometimes to protect yourself against the insurance company it is important to see your doctor more than you otherwise would just to make sure that your medical records contains an accurate description of the course of your injury over time. It is very important to go to the hospital or see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident injury. This is true even if you don’t hurt very much. Getting an evaluation and reporting every problem that you are experiencing takes that weapon away from the insurance company. Of course you should never exaggerate your injuries or problems. But just as true (and something we see far more often) is that you should not minimize or under report your problems.

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