Prevent Your Injury Claim From Being Improperly Denied or “Lowballed:” Why You Should Consult with a Lawyer For a Car Accident Injury Claim in Idaho

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Insurance Company Research Shows That Injured People Who Hire an Attorney are Generally Better Off Than Those Who Don’t

Hiring an attorney to represent you for your car accident injury claim typically increases your chances of receiving a fair settlement from the insurance company. Allstate Insurance Company did research that showed “represented claims [i.e  injured person hires  an attorney] settle for 2-3 times more than unrepresented claims [injured person does it themself].”  See Allstate Unrepresented Adjuster Training Manual, July 1995.  Adjusters are even taught ways to persuade injured people  to settle quickly (as soon as the day after the accident) just to save the insurance company money.

As experienced car accident attorneys we understand the law, and the legal principles underlying negligence claims.  Having us (or other qualified lawyers) on your side presents a risk to the insurance company and the bad guy who caused the collision that a person who is doing it on their own just does not.     The insurance company for the bad guy and its adjuster simply do not care about you.  They have neither a legal nor an ethical duty to you.  You are nothing more than a number to most of them.  Their whole goal is to get the case resolved to protect the bad guy and the insurance company’s  bottom line. Sometimes this even leads the adjuster to deny a valid claim.

Certainly people do not need to hire attorneys for every claim that they may have but they DO need to consult with one early  in the process.  Like most other quality attorneys who work helping people with injury claims, we will consult with you for free.  Take advantage of this offer.  Not all adjusters are evil and not all insurance companies manipulate injured people to get them to take far less than they have a right to recover.  But protect yourself  from those who are and do and talk to a professional who can help you determine if you need to hire an attorney .

Insurance Company Adjusters Don’t Tell Injured Claimant Lots of Things

  • The insurance company desperately doesn’t want injured people to hire an attorney because an attorney will force the company to pay the full value of the claim, which is often much higher than an unrepresented injured person can be cajoled into taking.
  • Quick settlements takes advantage of a victim’s present need for cash. For example, Progressive Insurance sends adjusters to injured peoples doors.  This isn’t to be nice, its to get the case closed as soon as possible.  Such claims are then over before the full nature and extent of the loss can be evaluated and appreciated. It saves the company money.
  • Insurance company research shows people represented by attorneys who protect them recover two to three times more than those who do not hire an attorney.
  • Adjusters are taught to keep  injured people from seeing an attorney, to build rapport and engage the victim’s sense of trust.  They often act like an advocate (e.g., “I’m doing everything I can for you.”) while reducing the victim’s expectations of settlement by gently pointing out all the negatives of the claim.

An experienced attorney can provide you crucial assistance and insight. Idaho law provides that people who suffer harm caused by wrongful acts of others are entitled to be made whole. Quite apart from the claim process, however, one thing that John and I recognize is that putting your life or business back together following serious injuries can be difficult. Understanding all the issues from medical care questions to the likelihood of winning a lawsuit, lets good injury attorneys provide guidance about things that most people don’t even understand are part of the insurance claim process.

One important thing we can tell you is do not  choose a lawyer from ads alone. Ads only tell you what we lawyers want you to know.  And while some of that information undoubtedly  is important its is not everything.  We recommend choosing a lawyer by inquiring about experience and reputation. When you inquire about Holzer Edwards, Chartered, you will find a reputation for results among judges, lawyers, clients and insurance claim handlers, and a record of success.  The more research you do about Boise, Idaho injury attorneys the the better off you will be.  We are happy to have you compare us with anyone practicing injury law in Idaho.

Experienced accident and injury attorneys work to make sure you receive:

  • Fair compensation under the law for vehicle damage and loss or vehicle usage
  • Reimbursement for for all medical expenses reasonably incurred because of  the accident
  • Reimbursement for future physical therapy and medical care
  • Compensation for the general damages (pain, suffering inconvenience, disruption etc. ) caused by a collision

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