Oct 23

The Absurdity of Damage Caps Hit One of Their Own

Idaho, like many places, faced hard-fought battles in the early 2000’s over so-called “tort reform.” These were efforts to take away the rights of injured people to recover full compensation for their losses. Unsurprisingly Big insurance and Big Business funded and promoted these efforts supported by George Bush and other right-wing (NOT conservative) political figures …

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Oct 12

Your Injury Lawsuit: An Outline of the Litigation Process

If your case cannot be resolved through negotiation without a lawsuit, the litigation process is the next step in recovering for the harms and losses that have been imposed upon you. Claims do not resolve without a lawsuit for a variety of reasons such as the parties disagreeing on the severity of a person’s injury, …

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Sep 30

Emotional Distress Claims in Idaho: 5 Things That Help Prove Your Case


Emotional distress claims are among the most difficult injuries to prove in a court case. Unlike a broken bone, or a spinal disk injury, there is no test or X-ray to show the jury.  As the defense lawyers always like to say there is no “objective” proof of the injury.   Like the suffering part of …

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Jul 24

10 Mistakes People Make In Handling Their Own Personal Injury Claim

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Here are ten common mistakes we see injured people make when trying to handle their own accident or injury claim. 1. Not Getting a Free Consultation with a Lawyer Almost all personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation about an injury claim. Free professional advice that can help you understand your situation is out there …

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Jun 22

Common Reasons Insurance Companies Fail to Pay Fairly for An Injury Claim

When you faithfully pay your insurance premiums, it’s reasonable to expect that any claim you make will be processed in a timely fashion. But, being the cynical money-grubbing entities that they have become, and to keep costs down companies are often reluctant to pay when you file a claim for accident-related expenses. When it comes …

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Jun 15

How to Prevent Rear End Collisions

Rear end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents, but these crashes are easy to prevent with a few basic safety precautions. When Following Another Car Drivers have a duty to keep a safe following distance in order to avoid accidents. Here’s how you can keep from causing a rear end …

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May 20

How to Buy a Bike Helmet

Time and time again, it’s been proven that helmets save lives. Last November 28, bicyclist Kurt Krieger of Meridian was tragically killed after he was struck by a car in Meridian. Krieger died at the scene from blunt force trauma after attempting to cross at an intersection with no stop sign. He was not wearing …

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Apr 16

Your Injury Claim: 10 Social Media Rules to Protect Yourself


Certainly most clients these days use emails, send texts use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or participate on other social networking sites. Informing clients about the problems that may cause them is something we have been doing for a long time. If you are an injury client of any injury lawyer, you need to be aware that  …

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