Apr 18

Social Media Posts Could Wreck Your Car Accident Case

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Apr 16

Idaho Contested Judicial Elections: 3 Easy Choices

Fair judging is a cornerstone of protecting our Constitution.   With 20 years of experience in Idaho courtrooms, I long ago realized I don’t care whether a Judge is Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative.   I care that they respect the law, are honest, experienced, deliberative, thoughtful and, above all, fair.  The existence of judicial elections is, …

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Apr 16

Accident with an Uninsured Driver? You Do Have Options

People who are in a car accident don’t often think about how much  insurance the other, at-fault, driver has. Later, this becomes important if you are in the unfortunate situation where the other driver is uninsured or under-insured. Obtaining fair compensation for the injuries and losses you incur in the accident becomes a very different …

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Apr 14

Motorcycle Season and Distracted Driving

As the warm Spring weather is approaching and days are getting longer, motorcyclists are gearing up to again hit the open road. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you get when riding a motorcycle.   With this freedom, though, comes great responsibility for yourself and other drivers. That free range ride can quickly turn disastrous …

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Apr 11

Is it Legal to Ride in the Bed of a Pickup Truck in Idaho?

When the spring and summer seasons are in full swing, it is not uncommon to find people rushing to local and national parks for barbecues, outdoor play  and family reunions. . As more and more people start to pile into their vehicles to share in the good times, it is not uncommon for people to …

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Apr 09

Truck Accidents: Tips on Filing Your Claim

Truck accidents occur all of the time and, because of the immense size of some of the vehicles; the injuries that victims incur can be very severe. Truck accidents can be devastating for injured victims and their families.  They often leave people coping with the effects of permanent injuries. And, accidents involving trucks lead to …

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Apr 07

The Reality of Whiplash: Yes, it Does Happen

When a lot people think of whiplash, they immediately seem to think of television victims who fake injuries and overdramatize neck problems in an attempt to get money they don’t actually deserve.  At this point, whiplash as a condition seems to be viewed as fake by many people because of its association with shady and …

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Apr 04

Designated Drivers: No Need to Sacrifice Fun to be Responsible

According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), driving while intoxicated on drugs and alcohol resulted in more than 1.2 million arrests in 2011.  A full third of those arrested and/or convicted of impaired driving are repeat offenders.  Statistics collected by the Loyola University Health System tell as story –Of the 963 under-21 drinking drivers killed in …

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