Apr 28

Fatality In A Truck Wreck in Ada County

Last week saw a fatal tractor-trailer crash occurred just east of Boise. According to local news reports, the wreck happened early Thursday morning on I-84. For initially unknown reasons, the eastbound semi truck went off the left shoulder of the road. The large truck overturned and came to rest in the median. There were two …

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Apr 26

Bike Safety Rules Become Part of Idaho Driver’s Test

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is getting ready to add new questions to the state driver’s test. In efforts to promote safety and awareness about cyclists and pedestrians, the new questions will be focused on the rules of the road and sidewalks for bicycle riders and pedestrians. Cyclists and pedestrians are two of the more …

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Apr 21

Multi-Car Crashes Have Special Issues

On Tuesday, at least three people, including an Idaho State Trooper, were injured in a multi-car crash on I-84. According to KBOI News Channel Two, the incident happened just outside of Nampa. For currently unknown reasons, a pickup truck sideswiped a tractor-trailer before crashing into a car that was pulled over by the Idaho State …

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Apr 19

Pedestrian Versus Car Incidents Ramp Up in Warm Weather


Earlier this week, a pedestrian was struck and injured in an overnight crash in Boise. As reported by KBOI News Channel Two, the incident happened near the intersection of Ustick Road and 43rd Street. Although very few details about the collision have been released, we do know that one person was taken to the hospital …

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Apr 05

Finally a Nominee to The Empty Federal Court Seat In Idaho

Having judges in place to help decide issues and cases is a necessary part of Justice.  Hopefully, this is a sign that a even in an incredibly partisan climate, the parties can come together on a nominee to help real people deal with real disputes. When a seat on the bench sits empty that delays …

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Jan 28

Hiring Your Idaho Injury Attorney: 13 Things to Know


How do you find a good lawyer for a serious personal injury lawsuit? Anytime a person gets injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, many decisions come up in how to deal with the legal and healthcare issues. One of the important decisions is finding the best lawyer to represent you. At times it …

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Jan 04

Start The Year Off With a Close Review of Your Auto Insurance


These cold winter days are a good time to give yourself a checkup on the auto insurance coverage you have. Do you have the right coverage that will protect you? Take a moment and imagine the 16 year-old -driver of a1990 Ford pickup sliding through a stop sign and t-boning your car.   You did nothing …

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Dec 10

Figuring Out Pain and Suffering Damages in Idaho Injury Litigation


Figuring out the value of an injured person’s general damages claim- what is often referred to as pain and suffering–is the most difficult part of valuing a case  This is true whether you are talking about settlement or thinking about the jury’s task in setting the amount after trial. We have discussed the various things …

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